Certification in 2c8 Apps

You can become certified with us at 2c8. To become certified, you need to take a theoretical test and a practical test. We recommend that you attend all our courses to pass both tests.

2c8 Certification Program is a perfect way to gain validation of your skills and knowledge. The program consist of courses in our application and method.  

The program is for both our customers and partners, and serves as a certificate of competence in 2c8 Apps and the 2c8 method. As certified in 2c8 Apps, you can demonstrate to your employer, your customers or partners that you have mastered advanced business development in 2c8 Apps. 

How does the certification work?

The Certification Program consist of several courses, exercises and examinations. The courses can either be taken separately or as a complete program. Those who have already attended our courses in the past can enroll in the remaining courses or choose to take the examination in 2c8 Apps and Certification exam directly.

Online Course
Teacher led course

Course Type Regular price Package deal
2c8 Modeling Tool Level 1 $700 €590 $560 €470
2c8 Modeling Tool Level 2 $700 €590 $560 €470
2c8 Modeling Tool Level 3 $700 €590 $560 €470
Introduction to swimlanes Free Free
Introduction to information models Free Free
Examination 2c8 Apps $340 €290 $270 €230
Deepening of the 2c8-method $940 €790 $750 €630
Workshops with 2c8 Apps $940 €790 $750 €630
Management with 2c8 Apps $940 €790 $750 €630
Certification exam $460 €390 $380 €320
$5 720 €4 820 $4 580 €3 850

Knowledge of the 2c8 application

The first part of the certification program consists of courses in the 2c8 application where the goal is for you to feel confident in how to create, change and publish models. You will also learn to manage and take advantage of the opportunities that exist when you start getting an amount of models. As a partial step in the certification, you can therefore become an application expert in 2c8 Apps. This means that you are familiar with the 2c8 application and its functions. The examination in 2c8 Apps can be taken separately but is also included in the certification program.


Knowledge of the 2c8 method

The second part of the certification program consist of courses regarding the 2c8 method. Here you get to delve deeper into how you can use more model types and practical application of the 2c8 Method both in your own business modelling, but also in workshops.

The certification program ends with a certification examThis is a teacher-led session where you will receive a presentation document which will then be presented to the examiner. Grading is based on your knowledge of both application and method. Click here to read more about the certification program.

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