2c8 Modeling Tool Level 3

2c8 Modeling Tool Level 3 – Teacher led

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This is a teacher led course, to sign up and schedule an appointment click here or on the “Take this course” button.

This level 3 course is aimed at the users who have the basic knowledge of 2c8 Modeling Tool but want to gain a deeper knowledge of the more advanced functionality within the software. Our training philosophy is “learning-by-doing” and our sessions will have you working in 2c8 Modeling Tool as you learn.

The purpose of the course is for you to be able to create a repository configuration that supports you and your organization’s specific implementation of 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite. The purpose of the course is also to make you feel more comfortable with the managing of users and permissions, but also with version management.

After completed course you have knowledge about:

  • Create and maintain restrictions in the application (application profiles)
  • Create and maintain regulations for mapping (repository configuration)
  • Verify created models against the regulations and handle changes
  • Clean a repository with the help of verification
  • Users, groups and permissions
  • Move information between repositories
  • Manage versions of repositories, models and objects
  • Maintenance flow settings
  • Version management with the help of the maintenance flow
  • Publish approved versions and changes
  • maintenance of models in 2c8 Lite (if it’s relevant)
  • Import drafts

The course is available as a teacher-led training through e.g Microsoft Teams. The course is spread throughout three separate sessions. During these lessons, our consultants will go through different segments in 2c8. At the same time, you will have the possibility to perform each segment in 2c8, therefore “learning-by-doing”. You always have the chance to ask our consultants questions during the course, and they will help and guide you through the steps.



  • 2c8 Modeling Tool with license needs to be installed on your computer.