Förvaltning med 2c8 Apps

Management with 2c8 Apps

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This is a teacher led course, to sign up and schedule an appointment click here or on the “Enroll to course” button.

This continuing course is aimed at those who have the basic knowledge of 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite and modeling but who want to deepen your understanding of how you work with managing your models.

During the course, we will go through how to set up the management flow in 2c8 Apps. We will talk about how to set up an administrative work in a process organization and how you can work with this to achieve process maturity and process follow-up on your models.


Either 2c8 Modeling Tool Level 1 or 2c8 Lite Level 1 is required for participation in the course.


  • Before the training, 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite incl. license be installed on your own computer. At least version 5.4 of 2c8 Apps.
  • We recommend that you have two screens connected to your computer during the course. One screen for the trainer’s screen and one where you can work yourself.