Workshops with 2c8 Apps

Workshops with 2c8 Apps

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This is a teacher led course, to sign up and schedule an appointment click here or on the “Enroll to course” button.

This advanced course is aimed at those who have the basic knowledge of 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite and modeling but who want to feel more secure in the task of visualizing the complex reality of businesses. Through simple questions, tips and tricks in combination with the method support in 2c8 Apps, you will feel a simplicity to together with the working group create models that contribute to increased communication, participation and commitment.

Presentations: Different typical cases are presented and discussed with regard to the model’s purpose and approach.
Own practical exercises: Based on given scenarios, choose approaches and create models.
Practical group exercises: Practice the roles of model and facilitator.

After completing the course, you have knowledge of:

  • to meet a group and have a strategy for how to start up and carry out the modeling assignment.
  • to apply the appropriate model and approach depending on different motives with the modeling.
  • Areas of use for stakeholder and relationship models
  • What the advantages and disadvantages of starting with a stakeholder modeling when modeling a project or a process
  • If you can you start with the process modeling and then verify the process with the interested party- and relationship modeling
  • How to model requirements, goals and indicators
  • The importance of live modeling for communication, participation and ownership
  • How the processes can be built up to support business development based on planning, implementation and follow-up (cf. PDCA)
  • The possibilities of visualizing forums, meeting processes and meeting structures
  • Model problems and risks and use them as motivators for change


  • Either 2c8 Modeling Tool Level 1 or 2c8 Lite Level 1 is required for participation in the course