About us

At 2c8 Academy, Our main focus are courses and guides that facilitate and help you in your work with 2c8 Apps. We offer both online and teacher-led courses. We have basic courses, focus courses and free get-started guides so that you quickly and easily can start working with 2c8 Apps. Read more about the course categorization here. On our website 2c8.com you can read more about our various products and services around 2c8 Apps.

2c8 Academy


We at 2c8 Academy are as usual here for you if you need guidance or support during the course.

Line Nilsson


If you have issues regarding the educational platform 2c8 Academy, you can always contact me. 

Course selections

We offer several courses in different formats and for different skill levels. We have courses that suit everyone from beginners to more experienced modelers. If you are several people from the same company or organization who are interested in a course, we also offer business-adapted courses, contact us for more information.

Online courses

With the help of our educational platform, you can attend our online courses that are completely digitalized. You can take the courses whenever you want, wherever you want and how ever you want. You also have the opportunity to, within the 6 months you have access to the online courses, take the course in your own pace.

(note that the educational platform does not support Internet Explorer).

Teacher led courses

You can take our teacher-led courses either on site, at our Stockholm office, or remotley via screen sharing tools at a specific time.

Course categorization

 Below is a short description of the categorization of our courses at 2c8 Academy. You find all our courses here

Basic courses

Our basic courses go through the fundamentals of 2c8 Apps. They are primarily aimed at new users, or users who have never undergone any courses in 2c8 Apps. A basic course is for you who want to get a complete review of 2c8 Apps, so that you can quickly get started using the application.

Focus courses

Our focus courses are primarily aimed at those users who have previously completed a basic training in 2c8 Apps or who want to focus on a specific area or certain functionality in 2c8 Apps. Here you get a deep dive into the selected focus topic to get a deeper understanding and knowledge to maximize the benefits of 2c8 Apps.

Method courses

Our method courses are primarily aimed at those users who have previously completed a basic training in 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite and want to delve and get a deeper understanding of the 2c8 method


Our get-started guides are completely free. They are for our new users and they are a quick and easy introduction to 2c8 Apps.