Förvaltningsflöde och prenumeranter kort

Maintenance flow and Subscribers

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This focus course is aimed at those who want to learn more about management flow and subscribers in 2c8 Apps. The course is of a “HandsOn” nature, which means that you will get to work in the application during the course.

The purpose of the course is for you to gain an understanding of subscribers and how the administration flow works. In the course you will gain an understanding of the administration flow in 2c8 Apps and how to assign management roles to models in a repository. You will also learn how to set subscribers for your models and how to create external subscribers in the business.

The advantage of working with the management flow is that you have the opportunity to distribute the responsibility for the models in the business from modellers and reviewers to approvers. By working with the management flow, you manage your models and get a traceability of how the models change over time.

The advantage of subscribers is that people who are interested in a certain model receive email notifications when new updates take place in the models. Subscribers do not have to be users in 2c8 Apps, subscribers can be added for everyone in the business.

The course gives you knowledge about:

  • The management flow
  • Management roles
  • Subscribers
  • External subscriber


  • 2c8 Modeling Tool incl. license must be installed on own computer
  • At least version 5.4 installed of 2c8 Modeling Tool

Estimated time required for the course

2 hours.

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