Certification exam

Coming soon This is a teacher led certification session This certification session is aimed at you who have completed all courses in the certification program or believe that you have advanced knowledge of the application and the 2c8 method. The certification takes place remotely and is of a “HandsOn” nature, which means that you will be able […]

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Examination 2c8 Apps

Coming soon This test is included in the certification program and is aimed at those who want to qualify to become an application expert in 2c8 Apps. After passing the course, you can qualify as an application expert. The purpose of the test is to ensure that you have knowledge of the 2c8 application and

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Certification program

Coming soon This is the complete program to get certified without any prior knowledge in 2c8 Apps. Note that there are two exams included in the program, one exam for the 2c8 application and one for the 2c8 method. The three method courses are teacher-led, click on the headings to book a session. Online course

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