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Create Lists

Exercise Create the following lists Model Lists Object Lists Document Lists When you are done with the task, it should look like this in your sidebar.

Introduction to lists

Lists are a great way to save a selection from a repository that you want to return to or to use as navigation both in the 2c8 Modeling Tool but also in the publication. You often make lists of model objects and document links that you filter on its properties. Lists are also the basis …

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Introduction to Matrices

With the help of matrices we can easily create an overview of how objects and models relate to each other in a repository. This provides a simple view for further analysis. Matrices are based on two lists and one can combine an object list with another object list or with a model list. Document lists …

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Publish lists

Of course, when we have lists in our repository, we want to use them in the publication. Here are three different ways we can publish lists. After each film there is a small exercise. Publish lists as menus Exercise 1 Create a menu that looks like this and mix to show it as a drop-down …

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Lists in the sidebar

Exercise Try to open a list by double-clicking it. Try displaying it in the sidebar. Try adding a list as your own panel through the Add as Sidebar feature