getting started Lite

Quick draw

Quick draw is created to facilitate your modeling. It gives you suggestions on what symbols you can place around the object so that you can create models in a quick and easy way.

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Create a breakdown

Create a breakdown by right clicking on the object and choose: “Breakdowns – Create new”. Your new model will automatically open and you can use the back arrow in the toolbar to navigate back to the previous model. Note that an object can have several breakdowns.

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Manage layers

With layers you control how the model content is presented in the published material. A layer is associated with a specific model type and an object type can only be linked to one layer. Layers are created and object types are connected to the layers by 2c8 Modeling Tool users. You can turn on and

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Create a document link

To link a document to an object right click on the object and choose: “Document – New document link / Existing document link”. When you choose to create a new document link you will get a pop up where you can enter a title, select type and browse or paste a link to your document.

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Create a model

Note: That when you’re creating a new model in 2c8 Lite you are creating something called a draft. A draft is created on your own computer and doesn’t have access to the repository you’re working with together with your colleages. The draft has to be sent in and accepted by someone with our base product

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