Add a description

Texts describing how e.g. an activity should be performed is explained and added as a description to the object. When models are published to the web the desriptions are visible in the side panel and in the pdf document that is automatically generated. Add a description to an object: Right click on the object. Choose […]

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Create a document link

You create links for policies, templates and checklists. The documents become accessible to end users via the side panels and through lists and matrices. To link documents to objects, you must first create your document link. In order for anyone looking at the published material to be able to read the documents linked to your

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Create a breakdown

To show processes on a more detailed level we use breakdowns. When creating a breakdown a link will be set up from the current object to a model where you can specify the process in detail. You can of course create breakdowns from other types of objects in 2c8 as well. Breakdowns can also be

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Create a list

Lists are for displaying e.g. all positions or documents. By clicking on a position you can see its organizational affiliation and the process / activity it performs or is responsible for. A list can be combined with another list and then create a matrix to see the different relationships and connections. You can create lists

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Create a layer

With a layer you can control, among other things, how the model content is presented in the published material. A layer is linked to one specific model type and an object type can only be linked to one layer. Layer is used to hide information and by doing so increase the readability. To create a

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Create matrices

Exercise Create the following matrices Name X-axis Y-axis Relation Requirement matrix All processes ISO-Requirements Used in Responsibility matrix Process and activities* Roles and positions R – ResponsibleA – AccountableC – ConsultedI – Informed Document overview Process and activities All documents Connected to *) Group by model

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Introduction to Matrices

With the help of matrices we can easily create an overview of how objects and models relate to each other in a repository. This provides a simple view for further analysis. Matrices are based on two lists and one can combine an object list with another object list or with a model list. Document lists

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Publish lists

With the release of version 5.3 of 2c8 Modeling Tool, we launched a new web profile. In this topic we will work in the new web profile. If you work in an older version, be sure to upgrade 2c8 Apps. Exersice Create a menu that looks like this and mix showing the menus as dropdowns

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