Create a document link

You create links for policies, templates and checklists. The documents become accessible to end users via the side panels and through lists and matrices. To link documents to objects, you must first create your document link. In order for anyone looking at the published material to be able to read the documents linked to your models/objects, the document must be stored in a shared folder.

Create a document link:

  1. Click on ”Document links” in the left panel
  2. Click on the plus sign in the menu
  3. Write a title, use browse to find your link on your computer or paste an URL.
Create a document link
  1. When you are done, press OK and your new document link will show up in the left panel.
  2. To add to an object, “grab” the document link and “drop” it on the current object.
  3. When a link is connected to an object you will get a pop up in the lower right corner of the window.

A tip, if you have many different types of documents you can use “Types”, e.g checklists, instructions, templates etc. Then you can easily filter on the type of document when creating lists.