deepening in the 2c8 method

Deepening of the 2c8-method

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This is a teacher led course, to sign up and schedule an appointment click here or on the “Enroll to course” button.

This continuing course is aimed at those who have the basic knowledge of 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite and modeling but who want to immerse themselves in how you can use more model types and practical application of the 2c8 Method.

During the course, we will build models for a fictitious business from clear rules of procedure and approach. In this way, we will partly build up processes but also see how other models complement the business description.

By preparing theoretically for how to build the process, we quickly get the objects needed in the process. Then we go ahead and build other models that exist around the process and put everything in context. Other models both complement and challenge the process model. Requirements from stakeholders challenge in the same way as risks, while applications can be clarified in an application model and roles / positions in the organizational model.

You will receive ready-made templates where you, together with other participants, can imagine and discuss approaches and then model the models in the 2c8 application. The course is led by our knowledgeable method consultants who present the way of thinking and guides you in the way of working, but it is you who builds your own models.

The result is several published models that are connected through reused objects, primarily interested party models, process models and organization models.


  • Completed 2c8 Modeling Tool Level 1 or 2c8 Lite Level 1 is required for participation in the course