2c8 Modeling Tool Nivå 3

2c8 Modeling Tool Level 3 – 2c8 Academy Package

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This continuing course is aimed at those who have the basic knowledge of the 2c8 Modeling Tool and modeling but who want to gain deeper knowledge in the more advanced functions of the tool. The training is of a “HandsOn” nature, which means that you will get to work in the tool during the course.

The purpose of the course is for you to be able to create repository configuration that supports you and your organization’s specific application of 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite. You must also feel secure with the management of users and rights as well as with version management.
The course gives you knowledge about:

  • Create and maintain restrictions in the application (so-called application profiles)
  • Create and maintain rules for modeling (so-called Repository configurations)
  • Verify created models against set regulations and manage changes accordingly
  • Users, groups and rights
  • Version management of repository, models and objects
  • Settings for the management flow
  • Version management using management flow
  • Publish approved versions and changes
  • Management flow in 2c8 Lite (if 2c8 Lite is applicable)



  • 2c8 Modeling Tool, 2c8 Lite and 2c8 Server functionality must be installed on your own computer.
  • At least version 5.4 installed of 2c8 Modeling Tool
  • Have access to the administrator account on the server (not a requirement but advisable).