Why can’t I see any models in 2c8 Lite?

In order for a 2c8 Lite user to see models in a repository on a shared server, an administrator user in 2c8 Modeling Tool has to assign models to the user.

  1. The 2c8 Lite user must be added to the current repository by a user of 2c8 Modeling Tool. This is done under “Users and Permissions” in the Repository Manager. Drag the user from “Server users” and drop it on the repository in question.
  1. The 2c8 Modeling Tool user then need to open the current repository. Go to Workflow (Browser – Double click on Workflow). Select current models, right-click and set the user(s) who will be the maintainers, reviewers and/or approvers.Note that the different Workflow roles can be held by more than one user, for example, there may be more than one maintainer.

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