We want to use groups, how should we go about it?

Using groups is a way to organize your users and make it easier to manage users. All groups you create in the portal are synced to the repository manager in 2c8 Modeling Tool where you can reuse the groups to give access to repositories and as permission groups.

By using groups you can:

  • Avoid having to add every new user separately to the server and give them server permissions.
  • Make sure users automatically get access to the correct repositories, with the correct privileges.
  • Make sure a group of users can use the correct hosted publishing destination.

If you know that multiple users will have the same roles working with 2c8 Apps you can just simply add all these users to a group and handle them together. For example, if you now that 5 of your users will create models in 2c8 Modeling tool. Add these 5 users to a group and name it “Modelers”. If you have some other users that are going to be administrators and publish to your hosted publishing destination, create a group and call it “Admins”. To create a group go to the section Groups, and then click the button Create group. Name the group and add a description to the group (optional), the new group will now be displayed in the table. To add members to the group, click on the group and click the button Add users. Type in all the users you want to add to the group and click Save. All the selected users will now be presented as members of the group.

Now you can use the group to give access and permissions to your server, to give access to repositories or as a permission group and to give access to using your hosted publishing destination.

We recommend the following groups (at least)

  • One group for administrators, that are administrators on the server.
  • One group for “others” that is used to give access to the server and repositories with the correct privileges.

If you need more levels of privileges, have different repositories for different parts of the organization or user permission groups you will need to use more groups.

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