We have a hosted publishing destination, how do we use it?

If your organization has bought a publishing destination, the destination will be displayed under the section Publishing destinations. You can add users who will have access to the destination and if subscribers should be notified when the content in destination has changed. If you want subscribers to be notified, hover your cursor over the destination and click the More button, this is the button with three horizontal dots. Select the option Edit publishing destination, a new dialog window will be open. At the bottom of this window check the checkbox Notify subscribers when content is updated. You can decide who should be able to see and publish to the destination. To give access to the publishing destination, click on the destination. Here you will be presented with three different options to give access to users, you can give access to Groups, Users or Give all users access to the destination. Everyone that has been given access to the publishing destination will now be able to use just like any other publishing destination. You can also add multiple hosted publishing destinations and manage them the same way.

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