I have activated my account, why do I need an account for the portal?

With version 5.4 of 2c8 Apps we launched 2c8 Portal for our customers to be able to administrate their licenses and users of 2c8 Apps by themselves. That leads to that every user of 2c8 Apps needs their own 2c8-account. This means that there are some differences for you as a 2c8 user. You will be able to log into your 2c8 Portal and update your own information and reset your own password. You will also need to log in when you start the application. That allows your application to know which user you are and assign everything you need directly to you, such as access to servers and publishing destinations. You will no longer need to login to access different servers, simply just click the server tab and you will be able to see the different repositories that you have access to on the server.

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