How do I change and set a color profile?

Color profiles are something that you create in a repository. Click “Tools” – “Color Profiles” to create a new color profile.

  1. Click on the plus sign to create a new color profile. Name it and click “OK”.

2. Here you can set colors for different objects. When you have finished the color settings, click “OK” to save the new color profile.

3. Your new color profile is now available in the drop-down menu. Select your new color profile and click “OK”. You have now selected the color profile for the current repository.

4. Would you like to have the same color profile for all new repositories created on the server? Start off by exporting the color profile you have created by clicking on it and then click on the export-button. Save it to your computer.

5. The next step is to import the color profile on the server and you do this via the Administration Tool. Start Administration Tool by clicking “Tools” – “Start Administration Tool ..” from the repository manager.

6. Log in to the server in the Administration Tool by clicking on the login symbol.

7. Under “Default server profiles”, you then import your new web profile. Click “Import” and select the color profile you just saved. Click “Open”.

You have now imported the color profile on the server and it is now available to select from the list of color profiles for each repository on the server under “Tools” – “Color Profiles”.

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