How do I show the published material in a channel in Microsoft Teams?

In a channel in Microsoft Teams, you can show your published material created in 2c8. This means you will be able to click around and navigate in the models – in Teams. This is how you show your published material in Teams:

  1. Create a new tab in your channel
    Click on the channel where you want to display the published material. Click on the little plus-sign.

  2. Add a website
    The new tab will consist of a website. Choose “Website” in the list.

  3. Choose a website
    The next step is to name the tab. In this case, we name the tab “2c8 Publish”. After that, we paste the URL where our published material is located. Note that the end-users must have access to this location. After you’ve pasted the URL, click on “Save”.

  4. Result
    The result of this is a tab available furthest up in the menu of the channel, where you can click and navigate in the published material – in Teams.

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