How do I show lists in the published material?

You can choose to show lists in different areas and different ways in the published material.


You can choose to show the content of the lists in panels of the published material. This is a setting you make in the web profile by editing the panel where you want the list to show. Click on “Add information” and choose “List”.

Choose which list you want to show, adapt its title, or filter it on the active model. You can also choose if you want to show the list for both mobile users and computer users.


You can also choose to show the list in the menu. Click on the edit pen for the menu. Add another menu item in the menu, either as a dropdown or straight to the menu.

When you’ve chosen to show a list in the menu, a popup will appear where you can edit the information in the list. If you want to edit an existing list in the menu, double-click on the edit pen that appears when hovering over the list.

In the popup, you choose which list you want to show and if it should have an adapted title. You can also choose if the list should be filtered on the active model and if you want to show it as a dropdown.

If you choose to not show the list as a dropdown, it will appear as a popup in the published material instead.

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