How do I create and restore a backup of local repositories?

If you store your local repositories on a place where there is no automatically backup it could be a good idea to create a backup.

You will find your local storage if you go to “Tools – Settings” in the menu and then choose “Local”.

A backup is also a convenient way to share a local repository with another user of 2c8 Modeling Tool.

Create a backup

  1. Open 2c8 Modeling Tool
  2. Choose the tab ”Local”
  3. Choose ”Tools – Backup repositories…” in the menu
  4. Select which repository you want to backup
  5. Click on “Create backup”
  6. Choose a file name and a location

If necessary you can restore one or more of your repository by following the instructions below.

Restore a backup

  1. Open 2c8 Modeling Tool
  2. Click on the tab ”Local”
  3. Go to ”Tools – Restore repositories” in the menu
  4. Find the backup file and click on “Open”
  5. Make sure all repositories you would like to restore is selected
  6. Click on “Restore”

You will find your restored repositories under the tab “Local”. Note that if the repository already exists, the backup will overwrite the existing one. To avoid overwriting repositories, change the name of the repository before you click on “Restore”.

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