How do I add description tabs and fields?

Click on the Browser in the bottom of the left panel. Double click on “Descriptions and fields”.

When you’ve double-clicked on “Description and fields” you can see the standard fields and descriptions added in 2c8 Modeling Tool by default. Add a new field by clicking on the plus sign. Name the field and choose the field type. The following field types exist:

Checklist: A list with checkboxes where you enter a value for each checkbox.
Formatted text: This will be shown as a description field. Is saved as HTML and can consist of charts, images, and more.
Object: Refers to an object of a specified type in the repository.
Relations: Custom relation.
Dropdown: A dropdown there you can choose among the specified values.
Number: A number within specified values.
Text: A row of text.

Last but not least, you need to connect the field to types. This means the field will only be available on the types you’ve chosen. For example on models or specific object types. 

When you have made these settings and saved the field it will be available under “Properties” – “Fields” on the models and objects you have chosen to connect the field to. 

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