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Why are some objects transparent?

The setting “Make borrowed objects transparent” will make objects whose home model is a different model than the current one transparent. Those objects which are not transparent have the current model as their “home”. You can change home model by right-clicking on an object att choose “Set this model as home”.  The home model is …

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How does Quickdraw work?

Quickdraw is activated in the toolbar and is used to quickly build a model from existing symbols. Hold the mouse over a symbol to show arrows in the directions where suggestions for relations to new symbols exist. Hold the mouse over an arrow to show the suggested symbols in that direction. When you click on …

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How do I create a new model?

Create a new model by clicking on “Models” in the left panel. Click on the plus sign to create a new model.  Choose a model type of your new model and name it. Then click “OK”

How do I create a breakdown?

A breakdown of an object or a relation is created to describe the object or relation in the form of another model. With the help of breakdowns, you can navigate through different levels of the business, from the main process map down to activities. To create a new breakdown you right-click on the object or …

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How do I share a model with a colleague?

Click on the “share”-button in the toolbar to share a model with a colleague via e-mail. Choose if you want to share the models as an image, a PDF-report, or a Word-report. 

How do I install plug-in?

To install a plugin, you need to follow these steps: In the menu click on “Tools” – “Settings”. Go to the “Plug-in” tab and then to the “Avaliable” tab. Here you see all the plugins that are avaliable. Select the plug-in you want to install and click on “Install”. Once you have installed the plug-in, …

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