FAQ Category: 2c8 Modeling Tool eng

How do I log in to Administration Tool?

Click on “Tools” – “Start Administration Tool…”. Click on the little “login”-button to log in to the server. You are now logged in to Adminstration Tool and the right hand part of Administration Tool is dedicated to server settings. Settings regarding the server is made under “Default server profiles” and “Server repository configuration”.

How do I set permissions for a user on the server?

You need to be an administrator user on the server to set permissions. Go to “Users and permissions” and click on the user. Under “Permissions” you can set the permissions. “Create repository” lets the user create new repositories on the server. “Accept draft” lets the user accept draft sent from a 2c8 Lite user.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, you need to contact an administrator user on your server to reset your password. The password is reset under “Users and permissions” on the server. If you don’t know who your administrator is, please contact support@2c8.com.

How do I inactivate/disable a user on the server?

Log in to the server. Go to “Users and permissions” as illustrated in the image below. Click on the user you wish to inactivate/disable on the server and uncheck the box “Enabled”. The user is now disabled.