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Where can I find the log file in 2c8 Lite?

Sometimes our support will request your log file. This is how you can find the log file in 2c8 Lite: Click on the cube and then on “Support”. Click on “Log File”, save the file to your computer and send it to out support.

How do I create a Draft in 2c8 Lite?

Log in to the server and click on “New model”. This model do not yet belong to any repository and is therefore a draft. When you are done with your model, you simply send it away for a 2c8 Modeling Tool user to place it in a repository. Read more about that process here.

How does Quickdraw work?

Quickdraw is activated in the toolbar and is used to quickly build a model from existing symbols. Hold the mouse over a symbol to show arrows in the directions where suggestions for relations to new symbols exist. Hold the mouse over an arrow to show the suggested symbols in that direction. When you click on …

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How do I add a document link?

Right-click on an object and select “Document” – “New Document Link”. Enter the document link, scroll to its destination and / or select the document type. You have now created a new document link and linked it to an object.