FAQ - 2c8 Portal

All users

When you log in to the portal as a normal user you will be able to see which applications you can run in the section Home. In this section you can also see your Active sessions, this tab displays the different devices you’ve used to log in to products from 2c8, your location when you logged in and for how long the session has been active. It’s possible to clear this tab by clicking Sign out of all sessions. The home section also displays all the different portal administrators for your organization.

In Account settings, you can change your primary Email, add a Recovery email, change password, activate 2-factor authentication, change Language and set your own avatar.

With version 5.4 of 2c8 Apps we launched 2c8 Portal for our customers to be able to administrate their licenses and users of 2c8 Apps by themselves. That leads to that every user of 2c8 Apps needs their own 2c8-account. This means that there are some differences for you as a 2c8 user. You will be able to log into your 2c8 Portal and update your own information and reset your own password. You will also need to log in when you start the application. That allows your application to know which user you are and assign everything you need directly to you, such as access to servers and publishing destinations. You will no longer need to login to access different servers, simply just click the server tab and you will be able to see the different repositories that you have access to on the server.


If someone is going to stop using 2c8 Apps and you want to move their license to someone else, that is possible directly in 2c8 Portal. Navigate to Applications and select the application you want to move the license for. Hover over the user you want to remove the license from. On hover a more button will be displayed, this is the icon with three horizontal dots. Click the more button and select the option Remove from application. You will then be presented two different options, choose the option to Let another user take over the license. You can either assign the license to the new user right away or you can do it at a later time. In that case the license will be an unassigned license until you assign it to someone else. If you are wondering about the fee of moving a license, you can read more here.

If you want to see what has happened since you last logged in to the portal, go to the section Customer details. Here you can see the Activity log that logs all the activities performed by portal administrators. If you click View more you also have the possibility to filer the activity log based on when the activities took place, who performed the activity and which user the activity affected. Its also possible to download the activity log as a csv-file, this is done by clicking the Download icon an icon with an arrow with line under the arrow in the top right corner.

If you have an external user with their own license for 2c8 that needs to access your material, go to the section Users. Click the button Invite external user and enter the email of the person that will need access to your work. This person will get an email with an activation link to your portal. After that you need to make sure that the external user gets access to your server and the correct repositories. You can accomplish this by adding the external user to a group that has access to the correct server, repositories and has suitable permissions. You can also choose to add the external user manually to the correct server by navigating to the Server section. Click on the correct server and add the external user. After that you will need to open 2c8 Modeling Tool and add the external user to the correct repositories.

If your organization has bought a publishing destination, the destination will be displayed under the section Publishing destinations. You can add users who will have access to the destination and if subscribers should be notified when the content in destination has changed. If you want subscribers to be notified, hover your cursor over the destination and click the More button, this is the button with three horizontal dots. Select the option Edit publishing destination, a new dialog window will be open. At the bottom of this window check the checkbox Notify subscribers when content is updated. You can decide who should be able to see and publish to the destination. To give access to the publishing destination, click on the destination. Here you will be presented with three different options to give access to users, you can give access to Groups, Users or Give all users access to the destination. Everyone that has been given access to the publishing destination will now be able to use just like any other publishing destination. You can also add multiple hosted publishing destinations and manage them the same way.

You have the possibility to assign some user with different roles in your organization. The roles you can assign users to is Orderers, System owners and Receivers of hosting information. You find them in the section Customer details. These roles are here to help us at 2c8 to contact the correct people in your organization with the correct type of information. To assign users to the different roles, simply click tab with the role you want to assign to a user. Type the name of the person you want to assign to the role and click enter, the change will be automatically saved. If the person you want to add is not yet a user in the 2c8 Portal, you will have to add them first. Click Users and Create user and fill out the person you want to add. After that you can add the person to any role you wish.

Using groups is a way to organize your users and make it easier to manage users. All groups you create in the portal are synced to the repository manager in 2c8 Modeling Tool where you can reuse the groups to give access to repositories and as permission groups.

By using groups you can:

  • Avoid having to add every new user separately to the server and give them server permissions.
  • Make sure users automatically get access to the correct repositories, with the correct privileges.
  • Make sure a group of users can use the correct hosted publishing destination.

If you know that multiple users will have the same roles working with 2c8 Apps you can just simply add all these users to a group and handle them together. For example, if you now that 5 of your users will create models in 2c8 Modeling tool. Add these 5 users to a group and name it “Modelers”. If you have some other users that are going to be administrators and publish to your hosted publishing destination, create a group and call it “Admins”. To create a group go to the section Groups, and then click the button Create group. Name the group and add a description to the group (optional), the new group will now be displayed in the table. To add members to the group, click on the group and click the button Add users. Type in all the users you want to add to the group and click Save. All the selected users will now be presented as members of the group.

Now you can use the group to give access and permissions to your server, to give access to repositories or as a permission group and to give access to using your hosted publishing destination.

We recommend the following groups (at least)

  • One group for administrators, that are administrators on the server.
  • One group for “others” that is used to give access to the server and repositories with the correct privileges.

If you need more levels of privileges, have different repositories for different parts of the organization or user permission groups you will need to use more groups.

Licenses for 2c8 Apps are personal for the user that the license has been assigned to. In the past there have been cases where an organization only buys one license and pass it around, so we introduced a fee for when you want another user to take over a license. That did earlier include an administrative fee that has now been removed when introducing the portal (in version 5.4), causing the price to go down from 725 SEK to 350 SEK.

If you are using an earlier version than version 5.4 the terms of moving have not changed. Portal administrators are always charged 350 SEK per move.

If a user is leaving your organization, you can simply click the section Users and hover the mouse over the user that is leaving. When you hover the mouse of a user in the table a more button will be displayed, this is the button with three horizontal dots. Click the more button and then select the option Remove user.

If the employee hasn’t quit the organization but won’t be using 2c8 Apps for the time being, you can instead remove the license from the user but keep the employee as a user in the portal in case the employee might work with 2c8 Apps again. To remove a license from a user, click the section Applications. Select the application the user has a license for, hover over the user you want to remove the license from. On hover a more button will be displayed, this is a icon with three horizontal dots. Click the more button and select the option Remove from application. You will then be presented two different options, if you want to assign the license to another user or if you want to delete the license.

The first thing you will need to do is add the employee as a user in the portal, this is done under the section Users. In this section you click the button Add user. When you have added the employee as a user you can then add the user to an application, this is done under the section Applications. Choose the application you want to add the user to and click the Add user button.

When you have added the user to an application you can decide what you want the user to have access to. You have the option to add the user to a Group and from there automatically get access to the correct server, publishing destination, repositories and permissions. You can also individually add each user to the correct Server and possible Publishing destinations, and after that open up 2c8 Modeling Tool and give the user access to the correct repositories.